Gabriel Taschereau DFC

Pas grand chose sur Internet à propos de Gabriel Taschereau DFC que j’ai rencontré en 2010.

Not much on the Internet about Gabriel Taschereau DFC whom  I  met  in 2010.

TASCHEREAU, F/O Joseph Leon Gabriel (J10715) – Distinguished Flying Cross – No. 425 Squadron – Award effective 23 November 1943 as per London Gazette dated 30 November 1943 and AFRO 166/44 dated 28 January 1944.  Born Victoriaville, Quebec, 1915; home in Quebec City; enlisted there 12 September 1940.  Trained at No. 3 ITS (graduated 16 May 1941), No.7 BGS (graduated 14 February 1942), No. 5 AOS (graduated 3 January 1942) and No.1 ANS (graduated 18 March 1943).  Decoration presented 21 May 1947.

Flying Officer Taschereau has participated in a large number of operational sorties over German and Italian territory.  His efforts have at all times been characterized by accuracy and reliability.  On one occasion during a night bombing attack over Sicily the aircraft in which he was navigator was attacked by an enemy fighter and the wireless operator was severely wounded.  Flying Officer Taschereau immediately rendered first aid, at the same time navigating the aircraft safely back to base.  A most skilfull navigator, this officer’s cheerful confidence and devotion to duty have always merited the highest praise. 

En fait, je tords un peu la vérité ce matin…

In fact, this is far from the truth…

Je n’ai jamais rencontré Gabriel Taschereau DFC en 2010. J’avais plutôt rencontré un de ses frères d’armes qui avait son livre dans sa bibliothèque personnelle. 

I never met Gabriel Taschereau DFC in person back in 2010. I met one of his fellow comrades-in-arms who had his book in his personal library

Puis, il m’a prêté sa copie de Du salpêtre dans le gruau

He then lent me his copy of Du salpêtre dans le gruau.

Samedi dernier, j’ai finalement mis la main sur ma propre copie!

Last Saturday, I  finally  got  my  own  copy!


Livre usagé, mais presque neuf. Mon destin m’attendait au 400, boulevard Cartier ouest, à Laval.

Used  but almost  new. 

Je vais le lire attentivement une deuxième fois, puis partager mes réflexions.  

I will  read  carefully  a  second  time, and share  my personal  thoughts.

Tant en français qu’en anglais.

In French  and in English.

Voyez-vous, la personne qui a partagé ces photos  du casque d’aviateur a également sa copie de Du salpêtre dans le gruau.

You  see, the person  who shared these pictures  of the helmet also has his copy  of Du  salpêtre  dans  le  gruau.



F/O Joseph Leon Gabriel (J10715)

Le hic, c’est qu’il ne comprend pas un traître mot de français. 

The  problem  is  that  he  doesn’t  read  a single word in French.

Pour le remercier, je vais traduire des passages de Du salpêtre dans le gruau pour qu’il voit d’un autre oeil  une pièce de sa précieuse collection.

To thank him  is  the  reason  I  will  translate  some parts of Du  salpêtre  dans  le  gruau  so he will see his precious  helmet in a complete  different  way from now on.


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