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La Presse 1944-11-28

Pierre Turenne DFC, de Saint-Pierre au Manitoba, est plutôt Denis Turenne tel que mentionné dans cet article paru le 15 novembre 1943.

La Patrie 1943-11-15_17b

La preuve, sa citation sur le site

TURENNE, P/O Denis Joseph (J17533) – Distinguished Flying Cross – No.425 Squadron – Award effective 21 October 1943 as per London Gazette dated 29 October 1943 and AFRO 2457/43 dated 26 November 1943.  Born at St.Pierre, Manitoba; home there; enlisted in Winnipeg, 19 June 1941.  Trained at No.4 ITS (graduated 23 September 1941), No.5 EFTS (graduated 21 November 1941) and No.12 SFTS (graduated 13 March 1942).  Commissioned 1943.  Award presented 13 September 1947.

This officer has completed a tour of operations during which he has participated in attacks against many of the most heavily defended targets in Germany and Italy.  An outstanding captain of aircraft, his courage and devotion to duty have been of a high order.