Fernand J. Berthiaume – mid-under gunner lors de deux missions

His grandson just wrote me.


I recently found your great website when I started researching my grandfather who served in WWII. His name was Fernand J. Berthiaume from Farnham, Quebec who served in the RCAF as a tail-gunner in a Halifax III bomber named « La Presse Express. »

I found out he was obviously in the 425 Squadron thanks to your site because of the plane he was with in photo that I have. After the war my grandfather got married and had five children and lived in the Ahuntsic area of Montreal and attended a Legion Hall around there regularly. In his remaining years he lived in Cowansville, Quebec with his girlfriend Suzanne and attended the Legion there. He passed away on January 22, 1982. I have two photos of him from his service years (both included in attachment). I have also found two other photos online of La Presse Express with crew members.

One is later in the war (https://425alouette.wordpress.com/2013/02/15/la-presse-express/) with crew but my grandfather is not in the photo.

La Presse Express

I presume he was transferred to another plane or squadron. The other photo (http://www.bombercrew.com/425/express.htm) was taken same day as one I have but with other members of bomber crew. (You can tell by the number of missions indicated by bombs on side of plane that it was same day.)

La Presse Express

One of the photos I have included features my grandfather in the middle with two unidentified crew one on each side of him with La Presse Express in the background. I have also included two letters written to his mother from his Squadron Leader and Chaplain J. Maurice Laplante. I don’t have my grandfather’s service record yet and I need some help on how to get it. I really want to know more and hope you and the visitors to your site might be able to help me.


Eric Doyle

PS: Please feel free to add my letter to you along with the images to your site. It would be much appreciated and maybe help me find more info about my grandfather.

Fernad Berthiaume

Fernand Berthiaume in the middle


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