Tholthorpe revisited – Spring 1945

Une petite visite à l’autre escadrille basée à Tholthorpe

RCAF 420 Snowy Owl

Marcel Baillargeon had many pictures taken at Tholthorpe during WWII. His son Bob shared them with Alan Soderstrom who in turn shared them with me.

There were so many I « had to » create this blog about 420 Snowy Owl.

This is another picture part of the collection.

The caption Bob Baillargeon wrote is most interesting.

Spring in Tholthorpe - my father was a boarder on this farm in Yorkshire - his landlady in the garden

Spring in Tholthorpe
My father was a boarder on this farm in Yorkshire.
His landlady in the garden.

I wonder who is that landlady?

Please share this picture, but give full credits to Marcel Baillargeon, air traffic controller at Tholthorpe during WWII when the Snowy Owls and Les Alouettes were both stationed there.

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À venir – Compte rendu de lecture

425 Alouette 1

425 Alouette 2

Suite à ma demande, les Éditions Athéna m’ont fait parvenir gracieusement un exemplaire de L’Alouette en guerre. Je ferai une lecture attentive et un compte rendu suivra.

Je le ferai aussi lire au vétéran mitrailleur Jean-Paul Corbeil afin de recueillir ses commentaires.