How much Jean Charles Labrecque was worth back in 1998?

In memory of
Pilot Officer
who died on December 18, 1944

Labrecque-Bernier 1945

Military Service:

Service Number: J/88921
Age: 28
Force: Air Force
Unit: Royal Canadian Air Force
Division: 425 Sqdn.

Additional Information:

Son of Dr. Rosaire Labrecque, and of Corinne Labrecque, of Montreal, Province of Quebec, Canada. Dr. Rosaire Labrecque, the aviator’s father, died in 1931. I found this information on the Internet back in 2009 after I had posted my article about that airman.

Someone had the whole Labrecque’s family tree on his or her Website.

There was this picture…

The Labrecque family circa 1928

Jean Charles is in the back on the left…

In my search for more information on the Internet back in 2009 I found that you could buy Jean-Charles Labrecque’s medals in 1998...

Six. 1939-45 Star, Air Crew Europe Star, Defence Medal, Canadian Volunteer Service Medal with Overseas clasp, War Medal, Memorial Cross (GVI). Memorial Cross  named to P.O. J.R.J.C. LABRECQUE J88921.

Joseph Labrecque died, aged 28, while serving with 425 Sqn.  His aircraft, Halifax III MZ-538 coded KW-V, piloted by F/O J. Desmarais RCAF, crashed shortly after takeoff on 18 December 1944, killing the entire crew, which included P/O J. Blackburn RAF, F/O J. Bernier RCAF, P/O J. Labrecque RCAF, P/O J. Dubois RCAF, F/Sgt J. Paradis RCAF, F/Sgt J. Lariviere RCAF, and P/O R. Gauthier RCAF.

The mission they were participating in involved 188 Halifaxes from 408, 415, 420, 424, 425, 426, 427, 429, 432, 433, and 434 Squadrons, who were joined by 42 Lancasters from 419, 428, and 431 Squadrons on an attack at Duisberg.  Medals are court-mounted.

VF Condition $925

This is always hard for me to comprehend how someone could sell medals specially in this case when Jean Charles never had a chance to wear them.

He had no high school but he was in the Royal Canadian Corps of signalls when war broke out ( militia not permanent. I was the one he suggested he join the RCAF. They accept him and sent him to train at Quelph I beleive then he was in Ottawa gassing planes. He then took a course in stores in St. Thomas and by this time they were looking for aircrew so he applied for WAG and got it. They sent him out West I think and when he graduated he was posted to PEI on Ansons submarine search. Summerside and Charlottetown ( had a crash in an Anson and was nicknamed PANIC because of the SOS’s he sent out. The came down among some trees which tore off the wings until they posted him overseas where he was in a English  squadron ( he had a crash here also) then was posted to 425..
His address was WO2 Dubois J.E.L. R81634 RCAF Overseas on Dec.21 1943 ( He wrote me in Bermuda)
I lost his log books in the many moves I have made. EDDY