L’avant-dernier – G.W. Sicotte DFC

Un autre aviateur dont le nom ne me disait rien.

JW Sicotte 1949

SICOTTE, F/O Joseph Wilfred Rene Guy (J87150) – Distinguished Flying Cross – No.425 Squadron – Award effective 26 January 1945 as per London Gazette of that date and AFRO 471/45 dated 16 March 1945. Born 1919 in St.Joseph de Chambly, Quebec; home in St.Hyacinthe, Quebec (bank clerk); enlisted in Montreal, 10 June 1942. Trained at No.3 ITS (graduated 20 February 1943), No.11 EFTS (graduated 17 April 1943) and No.13 SFTS (graduated 6 August 1943). Commissioned 1944. Award presented in Montreal, 25 November 1949.

On October 1944 this officer piloted an aircraft in an attack against Duisburg. When nearing the target the starboard outer engine failed. Shortly afterwards the aircraft came under heavy anti-aircraft fire and was hit. The fuselage was pierced in innumerable places by pieces of shrapnel. One of the petrol tanks was punctured and much other damage sustained. Nevertheless, Flying Officer Sicotte executed a determined and successful attack. This officer has completed very many sorties against well defended targets and has displayed notable skill, courage and devotion to duty.