Voices from the Past

This is the transcription below. (source YouTube)



Bomb Aimer:  OK,  bombs gone.

Pilot:  OK…  (mumbled) bomb  aimer.

Navigator:  Was  that  bombs  gone?

Pilot  and  Bomb  Aimer  together:  Yes.

Navigator:  OK…

Flight  Engineer:  Bomb  doors closed.

Navigator:  …well, I can  read  my  watch in  the  searchlights!  That’s…ahh…twenty-one,  fifty-four.

Gunner?:  Flak  coming  awful close!

Unknown:  ??

Flight  Engineer:  Heading  100.

Navigator:  Twenty-one,  fifty-four  and  get  out  of  this lot  as best  we  can.

Pilot:  (labored)  OK.

Pilot:  Speed’s the  answer now.

Navigator:  The  idea  is  to  steer about  020.

Pilot:  Put  020  on  ??

Flight  Engineer:  020,  OK.

Navigator:  Ahh! Flak  directly  beneath us…

Unknown:  Right.

Navigator:  …and  searchlights  underneath us  too.

Pilot:  Come  on,  T-for-Tommy.  Get  cracking!

Navigator:  Ahh,  watch  your height!

Pilot:  I’m  watching  everything!

Navigator:  OK.

Flight  Engineer:  How  many  searchlights  would  you  call  them?

Unknown:  Too  many, I  reckon.

Flight  Engineer:  A  couple  of  thousand.

Pilot:  Yeah,  they’re  searching  for us.  You  bastards! …oh  Hell…

Pilot:  It  certainly  illuminates things, doesn’t  it?

Flight  Engineer:  It  sure  does.

Pilot:  I  could  do  with a pint.

Unknown:  Keep  your  eyes  peeled.

Unknown:  Yeah!

Unknown:  They’re  firing  at  us now!

Unknown:  Are  they?

Unknown:  Yeah. (Loud  Flak  Burst)

Gunner2:  Flak  coming  close  at  the back!

Pilot:  OK

Flight  Engineer:  Flak’s close…

Unknown:  Well, it’s  coming  close,  I can  feel  it.

Pilot:  Yes,  I can  see  it! (muffled rumbles  of  flak bursts)

Flight  Engineer:  Round  to  port  a  bit this  heading, Skipper.

Pilot:  OK.

Navigator:  If  we  press  on  a  bit this way,  we  might  get  out.

Flight  Engineer:  Yep.

Navigator:  My  God!

Flight  Engineer:  You  could  light  your  fag on  any  of those.

Bomb Aimer:  Steady  up  a  bit. (Sound  of  shrapnel hitting  aircraft)

Bomb Aimer:  Ohh!

Pilot:  That  was  a bit  close.

Pilot:  Yeah…

Navigator:  I  think  we’ve  been hit,  personally…

Pilot:  We  have…

Navigator:  Yeah.

Flight  Engineer:  Lose  a  bit  of height,  Skipper.

Pilot:  Yeah.

Bomb Aimer:  That  was  close.

Pilot:  Yes.

Navigator:  Searchlights  looking  for us now.

Pilot:  OK…I’m  pressing  on  more  or less  on  course.

Navigator:  Righty  Ho.

Navigator:  It’s  gone  out  now.

Navigator:  We…we  better  press  on  north  until we’re clear of  this issue!

Pilot:  Yeah,  that’s what  I’m  doing.

Bomb Aimer:  Ah…hello, Skipper.

Pilot:  Hello.

Bomb Aimer:  We’ve  been  holed  in the  front  here…

Pilot:  OK.

Bomb Aimer:  …the…ahh…oil’s leaking  out  of  the front  turret, still it’s nothing  to  worry  about.

Pilot:  OK.

Flight  Engineer:  OK,  Warren. Ah…Duncy, could  you  glance  over  the  temperatures?  On  the  engines?

Navigator:  Could  I what…?

Flight  Engineer:  …glance  over  the  temperatures.

Pilot:  Look  then,  Duncy…umm…I’ve  been weaving  on  your  course. I shall  be  heading  a  little…to  the  east.

Navigator:  OK,  I’ll  give  you  a course  to  steer  if you  reckon  you’ll  go  through  it.

Pilot:  Yeah…it’s…ahh…

Navigator:  OK,  right.

Pilot:  Only  there’s a  few  searchlights  ahead, about  a hundred.

Navigator:  Yeah.

Navigator:  By  God, I’ve  never  seen anything  like  this  before!

Pilot:  Neither have  I.

Flight  Engineer:  Four-thousand  pounder  just  gone  off.

Pilot:  Oh, Good  show.

Navigator:  Ahhh, that’s not  one  at  all!

Unknown:  Yes,  it’s  not  a  bad  prang.





Pilot:  Right  oh…

BBC Sound  Engineer:  Right,  we’re  on  now.

Pilot:  OK.

Bomb Aimer:  Well,  there’s  the target  straight  ahead, Skip.

Pilot:  OK,  now  we’re  over  the  lake  now…

Bomb Aimer:  OK,  now….

Pilot:  …just  coming  up.

Navigator:  OK.

Pilot:  What  was  the  heading  again?

Navigator:  146.

Pilot:  OK,  on  146…

Navigator:  OK.

Pilot:  …and  the  airspeed? Navigator:170.

Pilot:  Yes,  I’ve  got  it. Bang  on.

Pilot:  OK.

Navigator:  Ten seconds.  Two  minutes,  ten seconds, Bomb  Aimer.

Bomb Aimer:  OK,  ??, two  minutes  ten seconds.

Navigator:  Twenty  seconds…

Bomb Aimer:  You  can  weave  a bit,  Skip.

Pilot:  OK,  bomb  aimer.

Navigator:  Thirty  seconds…

Bomb Aimer:  There’s…flares…just  to  the  left.

Pilot:  OK. Bomb Aimer:  OK,  you  can  keep  weaving  for a  while.

Navigator:  Forty  seconds…

Pilot:  Check  the position  of  the flares  by  your  time  run.

Bomb Aimer:  Yes, I can  see  some  ground  detail in  the flash  of  the flak  bursts.

Navigator:  Fifty  seconds…

Navigator:  One  minute…

Bomb Aimer:  Keep on  weaving  skipper.

Navigator:  Ten seconds.  One minute  to  go  now.

Navigator:  F-i-v-e

Pilot:  All  right  now,  you’ll  want  some  last  minute  corrections,  bomb  aimer…

Bomb Aimer:  Yes…

Pilot:  …I’ll  fly  her  straight  ahead

Bomb Aimer:  Steer her nice,  straight  and  level

Navigator:  Ten…

Pilot:  Bomb  doors  open.

Bomb Aimer:  Bomb  doors  open.

Pilot:  Give  her a  bit  of extra  time  if anything.

Bomb Aimer:  Yes…

Navigator:  Fifteen…

Bomb Aimer:  …left,  left

Navigator:  Twenty…

Bomb Aimer:  Steady…steady…

Navigator:  Twenty  five…

Bomb Aimer:  Steady…

Bomb Aimer:  Bombs away!

Navigator:  Thirty.

Bomb Aimer:  There  goes  the  cookie…

Navigator:  Lookie…lookie…lookie.

Unknown:  Oh,  we  got  lucky  going  over  there!

Bomb Aimer:  …and  there  go  the  incendiaries….there  goes  my  bottle.

Pilot:  Umm,  take  jettison  action.

Bomb Aimer:  Jettison  action  now.

Pilot:  OK.  I  think  they’re  firing  at  us.

Unknown:  Yeh!

Pilot:  Bomb  doors  closed.

Bomb Aimer:  Bomb  doors closed.

Pilot:  By  jove!

Pilot:  New  course  now  ??.

Navigator:  New  course….

Bomb Aimer:  Look  at  those  fires  boys…oh  what  a….

Navigator:  …185.

Pilot:  OK,  Turning  on…185.

Mid-Upper  Gunner:  There’s a Lanc  up  on  your starboard  beam.

Pilot:  I  see  him,  yes.

Mid-Upper  Gunner:  He’s  turning  down. move…

Pilot:  Yes,  I can  see  him…starboard  bow  now.

Mid-Upper  Gunner:  Yes, he’s right  ahead…

Pilot:  OK…

Mid-Upper  Gunner:  …cross  over…

Pilot:  Right, give  me  that course  again  ??,  well  north  of  us.

Navigator:  185.

Pilot:  185,  OK.

Pilot:  That  was  direct  hit  over  the  target  by  the look  of  it!

Crew:  yes…yeah…

Pilot:  OK.

Unknown:  Keep  going, Skip, they’re  all  turning  off this  way.

Pilot:  OK.

Mid-Upper  Gunner:  There’s a Lanc  coming  up  on  your  starboard  beam  underneath our…  wing…

Unknown:  He’s  turned off…just  moving  off…

Pilot:  OK.

Rear Gunner:  There’s a  Lanc  on  our  port  beam.

Pilot:  Yes,  I can  see  him…ah…rear gunner.

Mid-Upper  Gunner:  There’s a bloke  still  on  our  starboard  beam,  just  down a  bit.

Pilot:  I  know!

Pilot:  right,  Now,  keep  your  eyes  peeled for fighters, gunners. They’re  obviously  milling  around  the target  now  like…like  flies.

Mid-Upper  Gunner:  OK, Skip.

Rear Gunner:  Searchlight  underneath our  starboard  wing, Skip.

Pilot:  OK.





Navigator:  Hello  Skipper

Pilot:  Hello  navigator.

Navigator:  Half a  minute  to  go.

Pilot:  OK,  thanks  very  much.

Bomb Aimer:  OK,  keep weaving  Ken.

Unknown:  There’s quite  a  lot  of light  stuff coming  up  as  well,  falling  off  a  bit low.

Pilot:  Ah…hello  engineer, Skipper  here.

Engineer:  Yes…

Pilot:  Will  you  put  the revs  up  please?

Engineer:  Yeah.

Bomb Aimer:  OK,  keep weaving.

Unknown:  There’s a lot  of  searchlights  and  fighter  planes,  Skipper,  over  there.

Bomb Aimer:  Yeah,  keep on.

Pilot:  OK,  boys, OK.

Bomb Aimer:  Left,  Left…  ??, Skipper.

Bomb Aimer:  Bomb  doors  open.

Pilot:  Hello  Bombardier.  OK  when  you  are.

Bomb Aimer:  Bomb  doors  open.

Pilot:  Bomb  doors  open,  bombardier.

Bomb Aimer:  R-i-g-h-t…

Bomb Aimer:  S-t-e-a-d-y…s-t-e-a-d-y…

Bomb Aimer:  Bombs going  in  a  minute.

Rear Gunner:  Hey, Jerry  tracer  behind  us boys.

Bomb Aimer:  Bombs jettisoned. (Gunfire)

Rear Gunner:  ??  Jimmy  ??

Pilot:  Where  is  he…ah…rear gunner,  can  you  see  him? (Gunfire)

Rear Gunner:  Down! Down!

Mid-Upper  Gunner:  Down!

Rear Gunner:  He’s gone  Down! He’s gone  down.

Mid-Upper  Gunner:  Yes, he’s going  down.

Pilot:  Did  you  shoot  him  down?

Rear Gunner:  Yeah.

Mid-Upper  Gunner:  Yes, he’s got  him, boy,  right  in  the  middle. Bloody  good  show.

Crew:  (cheering  and  whoops of delight)

Bomb Aimer:  Photograph….

Crew:  (further  cheering)

Bomb Aimer:  Photograph  taken. Keep  weaving, there’s some  flak  coming  up  with…

Pilot:  OK.  Don’t  shout  all at  once!

Unknown:  Alright.

Bomb Aimer:  Photograph  taken.

Pilot:  OK,  photograph  taken.

Navigator:  Hello, Skipper.  Will  you  turn  on  to  081?

Pilot:  Alright.  081, navigator.  Don’t  all speak  at  once  now,  keep quiet,  it’s OK.

Unknown:  OK  Ken.

Pilot:  Ahh…hello,  mid-gunner,  did  you  recognize  that fighter you  shot  down?

Mid-Upper  Gunner:  I…no, I  didn’t  recognize  it  but  it’s  definitely  going  down now.

Pilot:  Good, Jimmy, I  can  see  him  boys, good  show! I can  see  him  now.

Unknown:  Yeah. Unknown:  Look  at  him  burning  doesn’t  he  look  lovely?

Pilot:  Good  show  lads  now  keep  your…

Pilot  and  Unknown  together:  …eyes  open.

Unknown:  OK  Ken.


Computer graphics by Piotr Forkasiewicz


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