Killed in action

In memory of
Flight Lieutenant
John Roy Taylor
March 31, 1944

Military Service:
Service Number: J/10787
Age: 23
Force: Air Force
Unit: Royal Canadian Air Force
Division: 425 Sqdn.
Additional Information:
Son of John Charles Deans Taylor and Bessie Taylor, of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Source Richard Koval’s Website

F/O J. Taylor RCAF and crew, flying Halifax III LW-429 coded KW-R, failed to return from this operation.

Sgt P. Furlong RAF
F/O G. Munro RCAF
P/O F. Majchrowicz RCAF
P/O J. Sheahan RCAF
P/O A. De Witt RCAF
F/Sgt P. Mitchell RCAF

All were killed after being shot down by a Nightfighter.

Inconnu McLernon et Lecomte

Flight Lieutenant John Roy Taylor on the left

All were killed after being shot down by a Nightfighter?

They were not alone to die that fateful night.

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More about the raid here.


Bomber Command did not normally bomb during the full moon – but the weather forecast for 30th/31st March suggested cloud cover over Germany to conceal the bombers. Unfortunately a late meteorological reconnaissance flight by a Mosquito which suggested otherwise was ignored.

A total of 795 aircraft were sent all the way to Nuremberg, and the bright moonlight without cloud cover proved ideal for the night fighters, which began their attacks almost as soon as the bomber stream crossed the coast over Belgium. Navigation was again badly affected by high winds and to make matters worse the target itself was covered with cloud. Little damage was caused to Nuremberg and some aircraft attacked Schweinfurt, 50 miles away when it was mistakenly target marked by two Mosquitos. Here, as at Nuremberg, most of they bombs fell outside the town.

A total of 95 aircraft were lost – at 11.9% the highest rate for Bomber Command for the whole war. Despite the obvious risks they had pressed on regardless. One man was to exemplify this attitude above all others during this night, and he paid the ultimate price:

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