André Péloquin DFC

Péloquin André


J’avais déjà parlé du Wireless Air Gunner Péloquin

PELOQUIN, F/O Andre Marcel Joseph (J16920) – Distinguished Flying Cross – No.425 Squadron – Award effective 5 December 1944 as per London Gazette of that date and AFRO 293/45 dated 16 February 1945. Born 1920 in Montreal; home there. Served in Royal Canadian Artillery. Enlisted in Montreal 20 July 1940. Trained at No.6 BGS (graduated 15 September 1941) and No.1 WS (graduated 17 August 1941). Commissioned 1943. Medal presented in Montreal 25 November 1949.

As wireless operator (air) this officer has participated in a large number of sorties, many of them far into Germany. He has proved himself to be a keen and capable member of aircraft crew whose vigilance and devotion to duty have contributed materially to the safety of the aircraft and its crew. In addition to his work in the air this officer has rendered good service in the training of other members of the squadron.

C’est hier que j’ai fait le rapprochement…

Il a conny Ted Doucette DFC.

Doucette et Péloquin

Collection Réal St-Amour

Je sais maintenant qu’il faisait aussi partie de l’équipage de Jacques Côté.

La Presse Express notes


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