Who Remembers « Tush » Laviolette?

« Tush » was Pilot Officer Joseph Alexandre Laviolette’s nickname.

Tush Laviolette

Who remembers this airman?

Probably not many people anymore. « Tush » made the news on April 2nd 1944 in La Patrie, a newspaper in Quebec.

La Patrie 199-04-02a

Warrant Officer J.-A. Laviolette, wireless/air gunner, from Dalhousie (N.-B.), a member of the famous « Alouettes » Squadron, is pictured here beside his « Halifax »bomber.

Kind of keeping the morale with people at home with all the bad news coming from the front.

I have changed the picture on the newspaper article.

A kind of a sad reminder…

La Patrie 199-04-02b

La Patrie 1944-04-02

P/O Joseph Alexandre Laviolette, J/19970, of Dalhousie, N.B., was the WAG in Norval Hodges « Casey » Jones’s crew.
On their 4th operation, target Berlin, 25 March 1944, aboard Halifax KW-C, (shown on the picture), all the crew members perished when their bomber crashed at the mouth of the Elbe River. Three crew members were buried in Germany. Laviolette’s body as well as the body of three others were never found.
On the same operation…

Sgt V. Lacaille and F/Sgt V. Irvine from 425 Squadron returned to base as their port outers were u/s. They both landed safely at base on 3 engines.
F/O J. Taylor returned early as the rear turret was u/s.
P/O L. Renaud RCAF and crew, flying Halifax III LW425 coded KW-V, failed to return from this operation.

Sgt J. Nutman RAF
F/O J. Brazeau RCAF
P/O M. Boyer RCAF
P/O R. Hanks RCAF
P/O C. Turner RCAF
P/O J. Huot RCAF

All were killed after being shot down by a Nightfighter.

P/O N. Jones RCAF and crew, flying Halifax III LW428 coded KW-C, failed to return from this operation.

Sgt G. Mabbott RAF
P/O M. Latornell RCAF
P/O M. McLeod RCAF
P/O J. Laviolette RCAF
P/O J. Bouchard RCAF
P/O J. Tracey RCAF

All were killed. (Source Richard Koval’s Website)

25 March 1944!

Tush was already dead when the newspaper hit the stand on April 2nd 1944…


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