La Patrie – 18 octobre 1944

Peu de choses sur Lucien St-Laurent…

La Patrie 1944-10-18

collection personnelle

Pour le moment…

Lucien St-Laurent a obtenu une DFC.


ST.LAURENT, F/L Joseph Lucien (J88524) – Distinguished Flying Cross – No.425 Squadron – Award effective 5 July 1945 as per London Gazette dated 17 July 1945 and AFRO 1507/45 dated 28 September 1945.
Born 7 August 1922 in Bathurst, New Brunswick; home in Atholville, New Brunswick (clerk); enlisted in Montreal, 5 August 1942.
Trained at No.5 ITS (graduated 17 April 1943), No.10 EFTS (graduated 11 June 1943) and No.2 SFTS (graduated 15 October 1943).
Commissioned 18 July 1944.
Award sent by registered mail 21 December 1949.

In December 1944 this officer was pilot of an aircraft detailed to attack Hagen. Shortly after the take-off ice started to form on the wings and the cold was so intense that the instruments became unserviceable. Loss of speed made the aircraft late in arriving at the target. Flight Lieutenant St. Laurent pressed home his attack against heavy defences. This officer’s gallantry and courage in the face of danger have been an excellent example to all.

1944-12 - Missions 2883-2890

collection personnelle

Le Pilot Officer St-Laurent décolle à 17h52 tout juste après Jean-Marie Desmarais.

Jean-Marie Desmarais

Je me souviens…

Collection Claude Desmarais, neveu de Jean-Marie Desmarais

1944-12-18 Desmarais crew

collection personnelle

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