Aimé Thiévin’s Memoirs – Excerpt 3

This is the third excerpt of Aimé Thievin’s memoirs.

Christmas day we had a dance in the Mess and had a fairly good time. Probably because the beer was all free and there was a lot of it. But we had to refrain from too much of it as we were going to mid-night Mass. We went at about 11.30 and got our vocal cords in shape.

The Mass was really nice and we were complimented on the wonderful job of singing. Tony was the organist and the choir consisted of about 10 other boys besides Tony and myself. We had been practicing for quite some time for this occasion.

After Mass we all went back to the mess to resume our celebrations. The next day we got up in time for dinner and went over to serve the airmen. It was a very good dinner and all seemed to have a good time. Then there were speeches by the C.O. and other leading Officers and then in the afternoon everyone tried their best to be happy and to make it a good Xmas. Most faces had a big smile but deep down you could tell there was a touch of lonesomeness. And no matter how much we tried to be cheerful and happy, it certainly wasn’t like home, but regardless we all tried and make the best of it.



There will be an intermission during the Christmas holidays with one exception. On Decembre 18, I will pay homage to seven airmen who did not participate in this Christmas celebration with Tony Brassard’s crew.

1944-12-18 Desmarais crew

3 réflexions sur “Aimé Thiévin’s Memoirs – Excerpt 3

  1. Bonsoir
    serait il possible de recevoir le 3ème passage des mémoires d’Aimé THIEVIN’S en français comme pour les 2 premiers ?
    vous en remerciant par avance
    félicitation pour votre site !!
    un cousin français fâché avec la langue de Shakespeare
    Jean Michel GRAVAUD
    Neveu de Guy Bourreau
    Radio au Groupe Guyenne

    • Samedi matin 4 h 25 heure de Montréal je publierai la traduction. Heureux de compter un lecteur rattaché à l’histoire des Groupes lourds.

    • Si vous avez le goût de partager l’histoire de votre oncle, je peux le faire. Je sais qu’il existe un formidable site dédié au Groupe Guyenne.

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