PAGÉ, F/O Joseph Ernest Jacques (J86666) DFC

Sombré dans l’oubli?

Lost in the Land of the Forgotten?

Jacques Pagé DFC, mitrailleur arrière?

Jacques Pagé DFC, rear gunner?

JJJ Pagé 1949


Pagé 194916 novembre 1946

PAGE, F/O Joseph Ernest Jacques (J86666)

– Distinguished Flying Cross

– No.425 Squadron

– Award effective 10 May 1945 as per London Gazette dated 25 May 1945 and AFRO 1291/45 dated 10 August 1945.

Born September 1920 at Knowlton; home in Chandler, Quebec (printer); enlisted 18 June 1942.

To No.5 Manning Depot, 28 June 1942.

To No.4 Manning Depot, 14 August 1942.

To No.3 ITS, 10 October 1942; graduated and promoted LAC, 19 December 1942 but not posted to No.9 BGS until 23 January 1943; graduated and promoted Sergeant, 16 April 1943.

To « Y » Depot, 30 April 1943; to RAF overseas, 3 May 1943.

Promoted Flight Sergeant, 16 October 1943.

Commissioned 24 March 1944.

Promoted Flying Officer, 24 September 1944.

Repatriated 10 February 1945.

To No.1 Air Command, 13 February 1945.

To No.16 SFTS, 11 April 1945.

To No.2 Release Centre, 20 April 1945.

Retired 26 April 1945.

Re-engaged in Auxiliary, Trois Rivieres, 27 October 1952 as Fighter Controller (No.2453 Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron) in rank of Flying Officer (154013);

Released 11 November 1952.

Living in Louisville, Quebec as of May 1963.

Medal presented in Montreal 25 November 1949.

Photo PL-48239 shows him after investiture.

This officer has taken part in a large number of operational sorties and has attacked such heavily defended targets as Dusseldorf, Karlsruhe, Essen and Stuttgart.

In September 1943, he was rear gunner in an aircraft detailed for an attack against Pompeii. On leaving the target area the aircraft encountered intense anti-aircraft fire and was considerably damaged. Later an enemy fighter made three attacks on the damaged bomber but Flying Officer Page’s accurate return fire and excellent directions enabled his captain to outmanoeuvre the enemy fighter, who was forced to break off the engagement.

At all times this officer has displayed great ability, initiative and courage and as deputy gunnery leader he has set an inspiring example by his enthusiasm and unflagging devotion to duty.

Sombré dans l’oubli?

Lost in the Land of the Forgotten?

Et ceux-ci?

What about these airmen? And the 17,000 young Canadian airmen who never returned?

17 000?


12 réflexions sur “PAGÉ, F/O Joseph Ernest Jacques (J86666) DFC

  1. Forgotten?

    Those who were lucky to come back, were also forgotten. How French-Canadians were treated after the war by the RCAF establishment should be told…

    Well, c’est la guerre.

  2. And you are just the man to tell that story. Neither an American nor an Englishman can relate that type of thing because they probably know nothing about it. And certainly, having read about the deeds of the English upper classes in the RAF during the Second World War, you would be talking to a captive audience as far as I am concerned.

    • The veterans who told me those stories are still living. That’s the main reason why I don’t reveal what they told me. I have too much respect for these veterans who seldom talked about the war years.

      How they were treated when they came back « alive » from the war, a war that they fought for noble cause. All the sacrifices they endured flying airplanes that most of the time, early in the war, had unserviceable parts against a well-prepared enemy.

      Forgotten they were when they came back, but not on my blogs…

    • Deeds of the English upper classes in the RAF during the Second World War?
      I know nothing about this, but I can imagine…

    • When I wrote this pun…

      Well, c’est la guerre…

      There was a deeper meaning to it.

      We still send our youth to die for you know what John.

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