26 avril 1943 – La premier vol de Julien Guilbeault

Julien Guilbeault photo 1~2~2

A veteran of No.425 Squadron who successfully completed a tour of operations over heavily defended enemy territory, Flight Sergeant Guilbeault showed exceptional presence of mind, outstanding keenness and undaunted devotion to duty which are worthy of high praise.  His cool courage, fine leadership and tenacity of purpose have been a good example to the crew he has flown with…

Si je voulais rendre hommage correctement au bomb aimer Julien Guilbeault, je devais numériser son log book.

De la première page à la dernière page.

Tout son parcours dans la RCAF est là.

Il ne reste plus qu’à le déchiffrer ligne par ligne.

On peut se rendre loin dans une recherche vous savez.

Son premier vol d’entraînement se fait sur Avro Anson Mk II. On a même le numéro de série!




On est le 26 avril 1943.

Le LAC Guilbeault a mal rempli son log book la première fois.

Julien Guilbeault 007

Je ne sais pas quelle fut la réaction de l’officier commandant.

Voici un lien intéressant sur l’Avro Anson, un avion mythique.


Avro Anson Mk II
[ collection Maynard Norby ]

Si vous avez cliqué sur le lien ci-dessus, vous aurez aperçu un poème écrit sur le Anson.

Oh, the Crane may fly much faster,
Inside she may be neat,
But to me the draughty Anson
Is very hard to beat.

Her plywood may be warping,
Her window glass may crack,
But when you start out in an Anson
You know that you’ll come back.

She may be a flying greenhouse,
With her windows all around,
But in that draughty Anson
You’re as safe as on the ground.

She may creak and she may shudder,
As she comes out of a dive,
But if her pilot knows his stuff
She’ll bring him back alive.

Her landing gear is sturdy,
It will stand for quite a drop,
If you doubt it, watch your students
Bring her in, and let her flop.

Fifteen, twenty, twenty-five,
She doesn’t care a jot,
All in all, our Anson
Will stand for quite a lot.

The wind may make her weather-cock-
That’s nothing to these craft,
For when you fly an Anson
You never mind a draft.

You can keep your Moth and Battle,
Your Harvard and your Crane,
Give me the good old Anson
In which our pilots train.

When she comes in with a panel,
All split from front to rear,
And the rigger starts to fix it-
They don’t need a lot of gear.

A chisel and some plywood,
Some brads and a pot of glue,
Quite a bit of elbow grease
And very soon they’re through.

They wheel her back out to the line,
Her Cheetahs start to cough-
Our Anson knows they’re lads to train
And she’s eager to be off.
-by Andy (#7 SFTS; Fort Macleod)

Dans quelle école d’entraînement se trouvait le LAC Guilbeault le 26 avril 1943?

Julien Guilbeault 026

No.1 B&G Jarvis

On peut se rendre loin dans une recherche sur son grand-père.

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