Where to begin? – Part 2

Where to begin?

With a picture of Jacques Morin’s favourite plane?

KW-S, Samson, an Avro Lancaster.


This is what Jacques Gagnon or I scanned from Jacques Morin’s photo album back in 2011. I can’t remember who did it. Call it senior moments if you want…

What I remember is that I scanned all of Jacques « Coco » Morin’s logbook and photo album.

All the pages!

I said to Jacques Morin that someday it could prove useful.

I wrote a lot about Coco on this blog. All my posts were written in French. Now I will have to write about Coco and his friend Georges Tremblay in English.

In 2011 I tried to fix that the Lancaster picture which had fingerprints on.

Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.

I did the best I could.

This next picture was sent later in 2013 by a bomb aimer’s daughter who found this blog. I guess she was shocked and thrilled also like Georges Tremblay’s daughter-in-law.

Jean Ouellet’s daughter had this picture.


The Lancaster was named after Jean Ouellet

This document was part of Jacques Morin’s collection of memorabilia.

I remember scanning it.

Tarzan 1

Tarzan 2 Tarzan 3 Tarzan 4 Tarzan 5


Just a few days ago Sharon contacted me.

She was shocked and thrilled.

She had pictures to share… many pictures.

This one was part of the collection of pictures and memorabilia of Georges Tremblay who was a mid-upper gunner.

George  RCAF plane photo

Jacques Morin was a tail gunner.

If you like Lancasters, then you will love this picture of Jacques Morin taken from his own personal collection.

numérisation0022 (1)

It was taken after the war. I know because 425 Les Alouettes converted to Lancasters after V-E Day.

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