Where to begin?


This is a story about trust.

That’s a hard lesson I learned in life.


Reading a blog is not the most easy thing to do because it’s a neverending written project.

A blogger will write about most anything he or she has experienced in his or her life.

A blog is not meant to be read but to be stumbled upon and get shocked and thrilled.

This is what Sharon had said when she stumbled upon this blog that pays homage to 425 Alouette, the only French-Canadian squadron in the RCAF: she was shocked and thrilled.

I never thought a relative of Georges Tremblay would ever write me and that I would have been also shocked and thrilled to find out more about Georges.

Before Sharon wrote, Georges was just a name on pictures that belonged to Jacques Morin, and a military secret Jacques Morin told me about Georges.

Georges Tremblay

Collection Jacques Morin

I wrote about that military secret here if you want to read it. If you are in a hurry let’s just say Georges was suffering from airsickness and had his friend Jacques promised never to tell anyone for fear of being grounded and served the rest of the war as general duty.

Where to begin with the story of how I came to meet Georges though space and time and how I created this blog in the first place? I will never write about how I create this blog in 2010 about 425 Alouette squadron.

I know it’s quite shocking to read this. What is most shocking is that most people I told that story to were not shocked at all and were in fact not interested.

Shocking isn’t?

I will be back next Wednesday.

You can reach me personally using this contact form or use the comment section at the end of this post.

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