Georges Tremblay, mid-upper gunner

It is not easy for a veteran to recount his war memoirs. I saw another proof of it when I was viewing this documentary about Charles Forbes.

All the veterans I have met since 2010 told me so. Some wanted to remain anonymous, others gave me the go-ahead to write just a little about it on this blog.

Only the good old time.

Is it that important to write about Georges Tremblay, a mid-upper gunner who kept all to himself. I never met Georges Tremblay in person, but I will tell you a military secret?

école de commando 2

A 70 year-old secret Georges told his friend Jacques Morin when they were both training in Mont-Joli.

Georges Tremblay is the man on the picture beside the pool at No. 3 AGTS in Trois-Rivières. I wonder if he was suffering from vertigo.

école de commando 2

I spotted Georges right away using all the pictures from Jacques Morin’s collection of wartime pictures.

école de commando 10

Georges was also on this newspaper clipping which was glued in  Jacques Morin’s scrapbook. Georges was from Trois-Rivières.

Morin et Tremblay

Georges and Coco were good buddies. They did their training together at Mont-Joli where both were promoted sergeants. Jacques and Georges then went for commando training in 1944, then were assigned to the same crew in England.

Eudore Marcoux 1

Coco Morin had asked me to search for his old buddy he lost track after the war. I had found nothing except maybe the birth certificate of someone. Joseph Lucien Louis Georges Tremblay, born June1, 1925, in St-Philippe parish in Trois-Rivières. This baby boy was the son of Daniel Tremblay et de Dormina Sévigny.

If I never found anything more on Georges by writing on Marcoux’s crew on this blog, I got some results.

A little comment on the navigator: Montigny.

Then a daughter of the pilot Eudore Marcoux who wrote a long comment.

Finally more interesting results with « Tarzan », Flying Officer Ouellet, the bomb aimer of Marcoux’s crew. His daughter wrote a comment and then shared all she had about her father.

Everything is on this blog.

Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.

I always post everything on this blog, except some of the anecdotes Mister Morin told me. Those I will never divulge. People can trust me. Nothing spicy I can reassure you right now. Coco Morin had told me Georges was suffering from airsickness. Georges had asked Jacques not to tell anyone for fear of becoming grounded. He did not want to work as general duty in the squadron.

He wanted to stay with the crew.

That says a lot about Georges!

Eudore Marcoux 2

Georges front row in the middle

I won’t say more. No harm done in sharing this military secret 70 years later about the airsickness of a mid-upper gunner with 425 Alouette.



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