Un site en anglais qui rend hommage au 425 Alouette

Du moins en partie…

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North Africa – Landing Ground #33

The majority of combat operations flown in North Africa during the Second World War did not involve permanent Royal Air Force aerodromes. Most operations were conducted from temporary facilities, with natural landing surfaces [sand and stone], few, if any buildings, and usually lacking any name. The British called them “Landing Grounds” and identified each with a number. North Africa had over 200 of these selected locations, which were quickly reclaimed by the desert as the fighting moved on.

On 30 September 1943, No. 420 [Snowy Owl] Squadron, No. 424 [Tiger] Sqn. and No. 425 [Alouette] Sqn. of the RCAF moved to LG33, a landing ground located East of the village of Hani, Tunisia.

6 réflexions sur “Un site en anglais qui rend hommage au 425 Alouette

  1. George working to restore a 65-70 year old plane sure took on a project and a half. I have to admit I skimmed thru some of the drilling he did on the bottom of the plane. « Goldy » pix was a good addition. Great that the Bomber Command Museum is sponsoring this project. George says it’s going quickly, but I don’t know if I would ever have the patience. I did find the Hastings/Halifax comparison schematics very interesting – I noticed George’s Korean War hat too. I did not know that the bolts constituted steel going thru aluminum, now I see why they used the zinc coating. I agreed with Randy in the 3rd video that my understanding is limited but I have the enthusiasm. They are very lucky they have ex-air force neighbors to be so understanding. In John Bray’s video (figures he was another model airplane enthusiast) was very interesting and I (as always) enjoyed the war-time clips included.

    • I did not have time to view them, but I will.
      I visited a museum in Trenton, Ontario, and I took many pictures of the Halifax restored there.

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