Trouvé sur le site de Richard Koval

Une petite mine d’or que le site de Richard Koval.

L’équipage de Norm!

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On retrouve ceci comme vignette.

The J. Brousseau Crew of 425 Squadron.

Left to Right: F/Sgt F. Rowen, Wireless Op; Sgt J. Moreau, Navigator; Sgt J. Brousseau, Pilot;
F/O D. Hodgetts, Bomb Aimer; Sgt H. Marceau, Rear Gunner.

Photo (image number PL-15998) supplied by Canadian Forces Imagery Unit

On a aussi une information ici qui vient contredire, en partie seulement, une information retrouvée sur le site Airforce. ca, celle du navigateur J. Moreau.

Navigator – Sgt J H Moreau RCAF (Possibly Gerald or Jerry Moreau RCAF);

February 28/March 1, 1943

21 Halifaxes from 408 and 419 Squadrons were joined by 64 Wellingtons from 420, 424, 425, 426, 427, 428, and 429 Squadrons on an attack of the docks at St. Nazaire. The crews were over the target at between 12,000 and 20,000 feet, releasing 175,000 lbs of high explosives and 148,000 lbs of incendiaries. According to reports there was serious damage to the dock area and portions of the town.

On retrouve ceci plus bas sur la page.

Sgt J. Brousseau RCAF and crew from 425 Squadron, flying Wellington III BJ-918 coded KW-F, crashed on takeoff after the stbd engine lost power. 

      Sgt. J. Moreau, RCAF
      Sgt. J. Fontaine, RCAF
      P/O D. Hodgetts, RCAF
      Sgt. H. Marceau, RCAF
      P/O T. Irwin, RCAF

The crew was not injured.

crash Wellington Fontaine

Ça on le sait, mais le Sgt J. Moreau n’est pas Jerry Moreau finalement comme dans la citation de Norm Brousseau.

On regarde ça ensemble la prochaine fois.


4 réflexions sur “Trouvé sur le site de Richard Koval

  1. Bonjour,
    Mon nom est Lise (Moreau) O’Reilly, et Sgt. JH Moreau était mon père. Vous avez son nom comme « Jerry » mais JH est Joseph Hubert. Merci pour vos efforts de souvenir des exploits des Alouettes!

  2. Joseph Normand Brousseau was my father, of 425 squadron. Among his crew members was navigator J. Moreau. On many sites there is confusion about his name. He was indeed Joseph Moreau, known by his crew as « Joe » and not « Jerry ». These are two different people. My father and Joe kept in touch all their lives. All these crew members are no longer with us, but about ten years ago (give or take) they were the only surviving complete crew. It is unfortunate that a photo could not have been taken of them then….it would have been the only time a crew would have been photographed 60 years apart.

    • Thanks you so much for this comment Ann.
      I believe your sister did contact me two years ago.
      She told me her sister had most of her father’s artifacts from the war.

    • Correction…
      Debbie wrote me last year.
      If you want to share more about your father you are more than welcome to do so. You can contact Debbie, she knows how to contact me.

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