Sergeant Balyx

Richard Koval’s Website has a picture of  Sergeant Balyx.


F/Sgt B. Balyx of 425 Squadron was the lone survivor, when Halifax III MZ-482 coded KW-G,  collided with a Mosquito from 515 Squadron and crashed in Belgium on March 18, 1945. Photo graciously supplied by Sgt. Balyx’s son John.

John Balyx shared his father’s photo with Richard Koval.

What happened when a Mosquito from 515 Squadron collided with KW-G a Halifax with 425 Alouette Squadron on March 18, 1945?

The Mosquito looked similar to this one.

This is a Mosquito with 23 Squadron RAF.


515 Squadron just like 23 Squadron were part of what people called Bandits of the Air. Their mission were to protect RAF bombers by flying over German airbases.

This group picture of 23 Squadron was taken just after the war.


I know a lot about 515 Squadron since it shared the same airbase as 23 Squadron, the Mosquito squadron Eugène Gagnon, my unknown hero from Bromptonville, Quebec, seen here under the nose of a Mosquito.Eugene Gagnon

We are at Little Snoring either in June or early July 1945.



Eugène came back to his hometown in Quebec in July 1945 and became just another unknown veteran.

We are now at Little Snoring in January 2014.

Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.

I could make you believe that I am flying my private plane and that I am about to land at Little Snoring. No one would know the subterfuge because I never tell lies on this blog.

These pictures are from Peter Smith whose father, Tommy Smith, was a Mosquito pilot with 23 Squadron.

His father was shot down on January 16, 1945. (Click on the link on the left to learn more…)

Tommy Smith was too reckless going in for a second pass on the German aerodrome.

Tommy Smith Mosquito

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