Temple crew – L’équipage de Temple

Temple crew

Un commentaire laissé par le petit-fils de ce mitrailleur.

Mr. Lagace;

I would like to contact you with a picture of my Grandfather’s crew. He was the only survivor of a mid air crash. Here is some of the information I have;
General Information
Military Branch Royal Air Force (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer:Handley Page
Model:Halifax Type:Mk.III
Serial Number:MZ482
Command:Bomber Command
Squadron:No. 425 Squadron RCAF (Alouette)

Airborne 23:55 on 18 Mar 1945 from Tholthorpe.
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Airborne 23:55 on 18 Mar 1945 from Tholthorpe.
Collided over Belgium with a No.515 Sqdn Mosquito (See: NS957), both machines crashing near Ciney (Namur, 14 km ENE from Dinant.
The Rear Gunner and only survivor, F/S Balyx RCAF was thrown clear and landed by parachute. He was treated for his injuries at Ciney. Those killed are now buried in the Hotton War Cemetery.
F/O Irwin was an American from Beverly Hills, California, serving in the RCAF.

Serial Range MZ447 – MZ495.
49 Halifax Mk.III.
Delivered by the London Aircraft Production Group (Leavesden) between 25 Sep 44 and 20 Nov 44.
MZ482 was one of three 425 Sqdn Halifaxes lost on this operation.
See: MZ495; NP939.

Best Regards,

Paul Carey, Grandson of Mr. Bernie Balyx

7 réflexions sur “Temple crew – L’équipage de Temple

  1. Le Sergent Eddie Edwards qui apparaît sur la photo était absent de cette mission le 19 mars 1945. Le site du 6 Group Bomber Command de Richard Koval indique un G. Le Jambe décédé cette nuit-là.

    • Merci de la précision.
      Le Mosquito impliqué dans l’accident était un Mosquito du 515 Squadron, escadrille basée à Little Snoring tout comme le 23 Squadron de mon pilote de Mosquito Eugène Gagnon.
      Small world!

  2. Mr. Lafreniere is correct in that I also heard that Eddie Edwards was sick the night of the operation. I did not know the name of the courageous man that took his place.

    Thank you,


  3. To Mr Paul Carey
    I am the grandson of Arthur Hirons who was killed that night over Belgium.
    I would like to talk to you in general about what your grandfather has told you about that night.
    kindly contact me if you have an opportunity on iainhirons@gmail.com
    yours sincerely
    Iain Hirons

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