Camille Bouchard DFC

BOUCHARD, F/O Joseph Alphonse Camille (J26027)

Distinguished Flying Cross

– No.425 Squadron

– Award effective 5 April 1945 as per London Gazette dated 13 April 1945 and AFRO 824/45 dated 18 May 1945.

Born in Ste.Anne de la Pocatiere, Quebec; educated at St.Dunstan’s University, Charlottetown.  Home in Ottawa; enlisted there 22 May 1941.  Trained at No.3 ITS (graduated 1 September 1941), No.13 EFTS (graduated 25 October 1941) and No.1 SFTS (graduated 27 February 1942).  Overseas in June 1943.  Flew 31 sorties.  Award presented 1 December 1948.  Date of death uncertain; widow died in Ottawa, 17 June 1994.

Throughout his operational tour Flying Officer Bouchard has displayed the utmost determination successfully to complete his missions despite the most intense enemy opposition.  In October 1944 he was captain of a bomber detailed to attack Bochum.  Owing to adverse weather this courageous officer remained in the target area for twelve minutes before completing his attack although subjected to heavy anti-aircraft fire which damaged his aircraft.  A few nights later during a sortie against Duisburg he successfully evaded an enemy fighter.  After many attacks, in spite of all navigational equipment being rendered unserviceable, the target was effectively bombed and a safe return was accomplished.  On five further sorties Flying Officer Bouchard captained his damaged aircraft safely back to base.  This gallant officer has always set a praiseworthy example.

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Date of death uncertain; widow died in Ottawa, 17 June 1994.


Collection Mario Allard

pilote Camille Bouchard

Archives 425 Alouette via Richard Girouard

Équipage de Camille Bouchard

Pilote F/L Camille Bouchard

Navigateur F/O Beauvais

Bomb aimer F/O Lavallée

Ingénieur P/O Knight (RAF)

Sans-filiste et mitrailleur P/O Labelle

Mitrailleur P/O Gardiner

Mitrailleur P/O Hasty

Sur le Mémorial virtuel de guerre canadien

À la mémoire du Capitaine d’aviation

Joseph Alphonse Camille Bouchard

décédé le 15 septembre 1946

Service militaire :

Numéro matricule : J/26027

Âge : 28

Force : Aviation militaire

Unité : Aviation royale du Canada

Mention élogieuse : Croix du Service distingué dans l’Aviation (D.F.C.)

Décorations et titres honorifiques : Croix du Service distingué dans l’Aviation

Renseignements additionnels :

Fils de Georges et Marie C. Bouchard, de Ottawa, Ontario. Époux de Ruth Bouchard, de Ottawa, Ontario.

Cimetière :


Informations sur la sépulture : Soldiers’ plot 3. Grave 27.

Collection numérique

Website about the crash


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