Pilot Officer Paul Nazaire Poirier

This is the pilot who flew Halifax LW412 on which sergeant Ronald T. Bailey was a flight engineer on July 7th, 1944.

Paul Nazaire Poirier

I found more information here.

POIRIER, P/O Paul Nazaire (J88835)

Distinguished Flying Cross
– No.425 Squadron
– Award effective 6 January 1945 as per London Gazette dated 19 January 1945 and AFRO 508/45 dated 23 March 1945.
Born 1921 in Miscouche, Prince Edward Island (farmer); enlisted Charlottetown, 20 October 1941.  Trained at No.3 ITS (graduated 8 May 1942), No.11 EFTS (graduated 2 August 1942) and No.8 SFTS (graduated 4 December 1942).
Commissioned 1944.

Award presented 10 March 1946.
No citation other than « completed…numerous operations against the enemy in the course of which [he has] invariably displayed the utmost fortitude, courage and devotion to duty. »

DHist file 181.009 D.1730 (RG.24 Vol.20607) has recommendation dated 10 October 1944 when he had flown 35 sorties (180 hours 40 minutes).

This officer is an excellent operational pilot and captain of aircraft, whose gallantry in the face of enemy action has been outstanding.  On all the sorties in which he has participated, the primary target has been bombed successfully.

Pilot Officer Poirier has completed missions to major German objectives such as Hamburg, Kiel, Sterkrade, Dortmund and the Ruhr area; undeterred by opposition, he has pressed home his attacks regardless of the hazards encountered.

On all occasions, this officer has displayed determination and cool judgment.  His keenness and fine fighting spirit have set a praiseworthy example, and he is recommended for the « Non-Immediate » award of the « Distinguished Flying Cross ».

On the night of July 7th, 1944, Paul-Nazaire Poirier took off with 6 other airmen at 1955 from Tholthorpe:

F/O J.T. Kallal, navigator

F/O K. Franklin, W/AG (RAF)

Sgt J.I. Harnish B/A

Sgt D.L. Morash R/AG

Sgt G.J. Arksey MU/G

Sgt R.H. Bailey F/E (RAF)

All would come back to base safely at 0015.

Target was Caen « B »

Bomb load: 9 x 1,000 and 4 x 500 G.P. (general purpose bombs) dropped from 7,400 ft. at 2228 hrs in centre of yellow T.I’s. (target indicators)

Bomb bursts seen around them.

Fires and black smoke seen in T.A. (target area) also fires in Caen Town.

Master Bomber and Deputy clearly heard.

Good fighter cover. Concentrated attack.

About the pilot…

I found this on this Website.

Paul-Nazaire Fournier

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