LW412 KW-Q

That’s the serial number and the call sign of the Halifax that took off from RAF Tholthorpe at 19h55 the night of July 7, 1944.

This is a picture of a similar Halifax with 425 Alouette stationed at RAF Tholthorpe.

The call sign is KW-Y.

KW-Y Halifax

We don’t have pictures of flight engineer Ronald T. Bailey, but we have a picture of Sergeant T.D. Newton.

Tommy Newton

Tommy Newton was the flight engineer with Jacques Terroux’s crew. All flight engineers were RAF personnel since there was not enough time to train Canadians to do this job.


Jean-Paul Corbeil (top row, right side) talked at length about Tommy Newton. Tommy was the shy type and he did not talk a lot. He was well accepted by all the others. He once invited Jean-Paul Corbeil to visit his family, but then he changed his mind. Maybe Tommy who came from a poor family had second thoughts.

I have met Mr. Corbeil about ten times since 2010.

Jean-Paul Corbeil 1

I know him well. We never talked that much about the war, we talk mostly about his crew.

Jacques Terroux was the pilot. A good one who did not talk a lot.

Jacques Terroux

Pierre Gauthier, the navigator, who was scared as hell like all the others.

Pierre Gauthier

Maurice Bernier, the wireless operator/air gunner.

Maurice Bernier

François Bernier, the bomb aimer.

François Bernier

Romuald Pepin, the tail gunner, who saved the crew on their first mission over Bourg Leopold.

Romuald Pepin

So what about Ronald T. Bailey  and his crew, and the mission they flew over Caen on the night of July 7/8, 1944?

I will tell you next time.

What I can tell you though is that Terroux took off at 20h00, 5 minutes after Paul-Nazaire Poirier took off on LW412.



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