The Nuremburg Raid

The Nuremburg Raid : 30 / 31st March 1944.

Incorrectly forecast winds and an unforeseen bright moon gave the Luftwaffe what amounted to a turkey shoot, with 97 RAF bombers lost in one operation.

J’ai trouvé ceci sur le site de référence où je vous avais envoyé lundi dernier.

J’ai poursuivi ma recherche…

On en parle ici sur Wikipedia. 

Un livre a été écrit.

The Nuremberg Raid (book)

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The cover of the 1986 Penguin paperback edition of The Nuremberg Raid

The Nuremberg Raid (subtitled: 30-31 March 1944) is a book by the British military historian Martin Middlebrook describing the RAF Bomber Command attack on the German city of Nuremberg on the night of 30–31 March 1944.The raid was significant as being the costliest in terms of aircraft losses that RAF Bomber Command suffered in a single night attack during the Second World War.During the raid the British lost 96 bombers shot down and a further 10 written-off after landing, making a total of 106 aircraft lost. In addition, Nuremberg suffered comparatively light damage and the raid has since come to be seen by historians as a comparative failure.The book attempts to give a non-partisan account and goes into great detail about the raid, including interviews with participants from both sides.

Richard Koval en parle sur son site.

March 30/31, 194425 Lancasters from 408 and 426 Squadrons were joined by 93 Halifaxes from 420, 424, 425, 427, 429, 432, and 433 Squadrons on an attack at Nurnberg. The crews were over the target at between 18,000 and 23,000 feet, releasing 98,000 lbs of high explosives and 396,000 lbs of incendiaries. According to reports, bombing was scattered due to many fighter attacks and some bombing fell on Schweinfurt due to a wind. This was a most terrible night for bomber command, as 108 aircraft were missing or destroyed in crashes This number was never exceeded.

Le 425 était au rendez-vous.

F/O L. Dupuis from 425 Squadron returned early as the hydraulics were u/s.
F/O J. Taylor RCAF and crew, flying Halifax III LW-429 coded KW-R, failed to return from this operation.

            Sgt P. Furlong RAF
             F/O G. Munro RCAF
             P/O F. Majchrowicz RCAF
             P/O J. Sheahan RCAF
             P/O A. De Witt RCAF
             F/Sgt P. Mitchell RCAF
      All were killed after being shot down by a Nightfighter.

Ni Jean-Paul Corbeil et son ami Romuald Pepin, ni Jacques Morin n’ont fait partie de cette mission.

Ils sont arrivés au 425 bien après.

Je rencontre monsieur Corbeil cet après-midi pour la 5e fois.

Je vais lui demander s’il en avait entendu parler…


2 réflexions sur “The Nuremburg Raid

  1. Over the last few years on November 11th I have found myself on the internet trying to find information about my uncle P/O J. Sheahan RCAF. I have learned a lot about his final mission on March 30/31, 1944. This year I discovered this web site and I thank you for keeping their memory alive. I would be honoured if there are any members still alive who remembered him or had photos of him and his crew to share? Thank you all for what you are doing… and what you have done.

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